Soft, Fluid, Living Matter (SoFLivMat) Coffee Hour

The aim of this seminar series is to bring together the community working in the broad areas of soft, fluid, and living matter, at Yale and beyond, in an informal setting for a free exchange of original ideas to seed new directions and collaborations. 

Spring 2023

- (Feb 8th) Irmgard Bischofberger, MIT,

“Instabilities and flow-induced structures in nematic liquid crystals”

- (April 12th) Mengfei He, Syracuse University,

“Interplay of gross and fine structures in strongly-curved sheets”

- (April 19th) Peter Morse, Princeton University, “Like a crystal at long lengths and a liquid at short lengths: disordered stealthy hyperuniform systems and their novel material properties”

- (April 26th) Akash Ganesh, Yale University, “Hydrodynamic dispersion of bacteria suspensions in Hele-Shaw cell”

- (May 3rd) Greg Voth, Wesleyan University,  “Non-spherical and chiral particles in turbulent fluid flow”

- (May 10th) Madhusudhan Venkadesan, Yale University, “Frustration in muscle”

- (May 17th) Juan Chen, Yale University, “Complex nanofiber structures and topological liquid crystal elastomer kirigami by projection display”

Fall 2022

- Sep 15th: Thomas Videbæk, “Programmable DNA origami colloids for self-limited assemblies of tubules”

- Sep 27th: Mobin Alipour, “Transport of anisotropic fibers in turbulent flows”

- Oct 4th: Lam Vo, “Emergent property of collective migration: spatial organization of phenotypes”

- Oct 11th: Jack Logan, “Symmetry-specific orientational order parameters for complex structures”

- Oct 18th: Yuxuan Cheng, “Hopper flows of deformable particles”

- Oct 25th: Raphael Kay, “Could the future of buildings be fluidic?”

- Nov 8th: Aditya Pujari, “From Seashell to Static Mixer”

- Nov 15th: Yimin Luo, “Programming structural transitions in soft matter: physics and data driven approaches

- Nov 29th: Pejman Hadi Sichani, “Interaction of thermal and solutal stratification with turbulence in wall-bounded flows

Spring 2022

- April, 7: Alex Grigas, “Core packing in collapsed polymers and proteins”

- April, 14: Mohammad (Mosi) Heiranian, “Nanoscale fluidic theory for flow in carbon-based nanopores

- April, 21: Trevor Buckner, “Roboticizing fabrics with functional fibers”

- April, 28: Vikrant Yadav, “The Equation of State of a Tissue”

- May, 12: Sophia Eristoff, “Soft granular actuators”

- May, 19: Bauyrzhan Primkulov, “Avalanches in strong imbibition”


Fall 2021

- Oct, 14: Nidhi Pashine, “Multifunctionality in variable stiffness metamaterials”

- Oct, 21: Francesco Arceri, “Cyclic shear training in jammed solids”

- Oct, 28: Luis Perez Lorenzo, “Electrospray and its use on electrical propulsion”

- Nov, 4: John (Jack) Treado, “Development and diversity of the spongy mesophyll”

- Nov, 11: Elze Porte, “Friction and lubrication of hydrogels as cartilage replacements

- Nov, 18: Nicole Shibley, “Frozen Oceans Near & Far”

- Dec, 2: Ali Yawar, “Stiffness of the arched human foot”

- Dec, 9: Dong Wang, “Mechanical properties of adipose tissue mediate breast cancer invasion

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