Welcome to the Soft, Fluid, Living Matter Lab, where we explore the captivating realms of transport phenomena, physicochemical hydrodynamics, and soft matter physics in complex environments. 

We draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of natural phenomena, including the phase separation dynamics within living cells, the intricate interactions between bacteria and plant roots, and water and nutrient transport in plants, and the fascinating ecosystem of organisms beneath sea ice.

Within our research, we investigate a wide array of topics, including the migration, dispersion, self-assembly and jamming of colloids and emulsions, collective and chemotactic behavior of motile bacteria, formation and growth of biofilms, and phase change and phase separation in particulate suspensions. Our investigations delve deep into the physicochemical hydrodynamics of these phenomena, aiming to uncover the fundamental principles that govern their intricate behaviors.

To tackle the complexities of these phenomena, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach that integrates experimental techniques such as microscopy and high-speed imaging with theoretical modeling and high-performance computing.

At the Soft, Fluid, Living Matter Lab, we are committed to advancing our understanding of these phenomena, unlocking new possibilities, and paving the way for innovative applications across scientific and technological domains.

We organize a weekly seminar series on soft, fluid, living matter at Yale (link).