We are a curiosity-driven research group investigating problems at the intersection of physics, biology and engineering with applications in energy, environment, water resources and advanced materials. 

Our focus is on understanding the physicochemical hydrodynamics of interfacial transport phenomena in complex and disordered environments.

Our work draws inspiration from a broad range of natural phenomena and technological applications; some examples are morphogenesis of living organisms, phase separation in cells, biofilm formation and growth, water and nutrient transport in plants, water desalination, CO2 sequestration and bioremediation in subsurface environments, drug delivery, inkjet printing, coating and pattern deposition.

Our work therefore finds applications in many disciplines including soft robotics and wearable electronics, carbon capture and storage, and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care products.

We combine experimental observations (optical microscopy and high-speed imaging), simulations, and theoretical modeling using the methods of fluid mechanics, soft matter physics and statistical mechanics, to tackle these problems.